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The Martial Arts community can be an oddly fickle thing, but at Satomi Kai we advocate and encourage cross training. Whether at another Aikido club, or in a different art altogether.

There is a big wide world of skill and knowledge out there, and in our experience, if you go with an open mind and some half decent manners, most people are friendly and happy to share that knowledge with you.

Below are links firstly to our Governing organisations, who can put you in touch any number of Aikido clubs to train with. The links following those are to just some of the clubs and teachers that our members have trained with in the past.  Any and all of them have been most welcoming.  Get out there and broaden your minds…

The British Aikido Board
The national Governing Body for Aikido in the UK.

The Kai Shin Kai
Our own organisation. Themselves a sub-group of the BAB.

Aikido for Daily Life
Ki Aikido club in Burwell near Newmarket.

Broadland Aikido
Aikikai Aikido club in Lowestoft.

Fushi Cho Kan
An Aikikai Aikido club in Colchester.

Nakama Dojo
Aikijutsu club in Felixstowe

Kick Start Martial Arts
Martial Arts and Fitness club in Needham Market.

Scorpion Academy
Karate and Kickboxing club in Stowmarket. Home of the UFKKA

Aikidbudo Fraternity, Ipswich

Early form of Aikido, more closely related to Aikijutsu

Integrated Fighting Systems
JKD and Eskrima Club In Gorelston, Gt Yarmouth

Three Rivers Aikido
Iwama Aikido Club in Watford

Blue Wave Martial Arts
Brazilian Jiu Jutsu & Mixed Martial Arts

The one stop, free community website for areas IP1 to IP17: Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Stowmarket, Aldeburgh, Leiston, Saxmundham and Hadleigh (and all the villages/towns in between).

Atelier Wish
The very photographers who took the photos featured on our own page headers

British Council of Kali Escrima Arnis Instructors