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Aikido Classes

We currently run two Aikido sessions every week. Sunday evenings at Stowmarket’s Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre are taught from 7 – 8:30pm.

Thursday evenings at Norton Village Hall are taught from 7:30 – 9:00pm.

We are happy to teach anyone aged 16+, and there really is no upper age ceiling. Everyone is encouraged to train to the best of they are individually capable of. We are also happy to try to cater for any disabilities.

Our teachers are also DBS (CRB) checked.

Cross training is actively supported so we always welcome practitioners of other martial arts to come and practice, as well as encouraging our own students to go and experience other arts and styles

Lesson Fees

Classes cost just £18 per month if attending a single class per week.
(In keeping with our “Martial Arts For All” approach, we also offer 50% concession rates for students or unemployed at £9)

Fees are paid on a monthly basis rather than per lesson on purely practical grounds. The venue has to be paid for whether the student turns up or not. We hope that this will also encourage more regular attendance from students. There are no contracts however, and no tie-ins.

Satomi Kai is a completely non-profit organisation.

On any occasion where we are lucky enough to have some money left over after paying for the hiring of the venue, we spend that money on promotion, club equipment, inviting guest instructors, etc.

Membership fees

The annual membership fee at Satomi Kai is £28 (£16 concessions).
 This includes membership of our governing body, and as such includes your B.A.B. insurance fees, and grading costs up to and including blue belt. Obviously, we don’t expect anyone to join the second they walk in the door, and you get a couple of weeks free membership when you first arrive. We appreciate that that this isn’t long, but hopefully it gives you a bit of time to decide if Aikido is the martial art for you.
In addition to the concession rate, special methods of payment can also be made available through the club treasurer.

Grading/Belt Fees

We believe very strongly that all belts should be earned not bought.

Many martial arts groups use belt exams as a revenue generator – often increasing the cost of each belt as you work your way up the system, rewarding your dedication and effort with higher costs. At Satomi Kai, we believe your belt is a sign of your ability. If you are earning it, there is no reason you should also be paying for it. Kyu gradings (coloured belts) will take place during normal class bookings, so cost nothing on top of your normal class fees.

National gradings for higher grades (Black belt etc) are also subsidised and basically just cover the travel expenses of getting the senior grading panel all to the same part of the country, and supplying them coffee for the day.

The only additional payment will be effort. And you will have to work hard, because we won’t ever be giving you belt just because we want some more money.