Satomi Kai Aikido - Suffolk

Satomi Kai Aikido – Martial Arts in Suffolk.

Japanese AMartail Arts - Aikido in Suffolk

Satomi Kai Aikido have been providing martial arts classes in Stowmarket for 30 years.

Instructors and members have come and gone over the years, but the club and its friendly atmosphere have stayed the same.

With FREE trial sessions, newcomers are always welcome to come and watch us practice or, better still, come and join in at any time. You don’t need any experience of martial arts to start, nor need to be physically fit. That’s what we’re here to help with.

Martial Arts are great for Fitness, Self-confidence, and Self-discipline

Aikido involves the whole body working every muscle in your body.
Aikido can burn 600-800 calories per session. Unlike the dreaded treadmill however, aikido will keep your brain occupied as well as your body.

Martial Arts are great self confidence boosters. Competence leads to confidence, and our qualified coaches, and structured curriculum ensure your constant improvement.
Learning to use your body in an effective way, increases your speed, flexibility, power and coordination. It’s only natural that you should be more confident in yourself… and rightly so.

As for self discipline? Well that starts right here, by getting yourself through the dojo door and trying your first class!

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